About Field Knives

From the time I got my first knife from my grandfather (when I was around 7 years old) I have been using knives. I started making my own knives in 2003. 


After I won a contest for best knife made by a visitor on the Dutch Knife Exhibition show, I started making more knives to sell at knifeshows and through the different forums on the internet. 


Why Field knives? My last name in english translates to Field. Also the name Field Knives apply to user knives and my knives are designed to be used.


My knives are unique designs, executed in quality knife steel with exotic handle materials. 


My order book is closed, I don't accept new orders. There will be some knives available through this website, and I'll have some knives for sale at the knifeshows I attend, but most of my knifemaking time will go into designing and making folding knives at the moment.